Good leaders and managers energise their organisations and inspire their staff  but exceptional leaders start by leading themselves.  Understanding your own personality, your strengths and weaknesses and the tendencies you default to under stress allows you to surround yourself with teams that compliment you.

Let us help you transform your leadership style whilst maximising your ability to get the most out of all areas of your life. We coach you to strengthen the hard and soft skills you’ll need to succeed in your role. We combine this with wellness activities to transform your health and resilience and reduce the risk of burnout.

Leading the Self

Even if leadership comes naturally to you, you’ll still benefit from understanding how to get the most out of your team.  Leading others is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We help to address unproductive behaviours and coach new, better ways to do things at work.

Through us,  leaders learn to understand team members as individuals and map group members by skills, attitude and personality. We coach you to repurpose dysfunctional teams, addressing conflict and non-collaboration. We also create bespoke development programmes – vertically for departments and divisions, and horizontally for different levels of management. Transforming organisational strength in depth and in breadth.

Leading Others

Your people are your most important asset. They look to your for inspiration: you look to them for alignment.  We ensure your staff understand how to contribute to the Business Purpose in their daily work. Creating the results you want them to achieve.

The Brand Inside diagnoses your organisational culture’s strength and weaknesses. Then we design a Culture Transformation Programme that provide you with the tools and skills to address them. We partner your managers and staff throughout the journey: so that they own the changes they are creating. We even offer therapy to turn around individual employees who find themselves on Performance Improvement Plans (saving you money in dismissal procedures, recruitment and retraining of replacements).

Leading the Organisation

Welcome to our online coaching platform

Transform is The Brand Inside’s online coaching platform. We use it to create a secure Academy space for each of our clients. Within that space, their institutional knowledge and employee skillsets can be curated and then delivered to staff as part of their Talent Development effort.

Over time, a Company Academy will grow to contain onboarding, management and leadership programmes, compliance and vocational skills courses … and much more. Programmes are easy to create and upload. Participants are tested and certified on successful completion. Access is controlled by the Company Human Resource team.