We align your Culture

The Brand Inside is the leading practitioner of Alignment in Africa. We like to think of this as “getting your ducks in a row” as we work with our clients to improve the experiences their staff deliver to customers.

To do this effectively, we begin by clarifying your organisation’s Business Purpose and assembling a strong internal consensus behind it.

Then we examine your organisational Brand Promise. What are you promising the market? Is it relevant and differentiating; and persuasive enough to motivate your prospects, your customers and your own staff?

Next we check your company culture to see how well it reflects your Business Purpose and projects your Brand Promise. Then we design a Culture Transformation Programme to produce any changes required in leadership, management and staff behaviour.


We agree in advance the performance dimensions we want to shift, then mobilise cross-disciplinary teams to deliver change. Our method is to coach and empower your own staff, rather than train and direct them. Employee and team contributions are recognised and, in this way, change becomes sustainable.

As a commercial consultancy, we measure our impact primarily on customer touchpoints and on the commercial results of the company. We place particular importance on Customer Effort and Net Promoter Scores.

But, inside the enterprise, we also track Employee Engagement and look to improve the staff perceptions that build a stronger Employee Value Proposition.


We align your culture