There’s a growing interest in coaching among business people and professionals in Africa. Not just among near-retirees, looking to mentor and share experience. The vast proportion of people who study to become qualified (typically earning the International Coaching Federation certification) are in early middle age. Just around the time when you realise you have learned enough to master your job, but not enough to make a greater contribution to the organisation that employs you. These
After eight years of coaching organisational culture change, and four decades working inside global companies, it’s clear to me that communication is the Achilles Heel of most organisations. The biggest weakness lies in what we say to people who are closest to us – employees and business partners. Even the word ‘miscommunication’ used as a lie, when it should be an honest admission of failure delivered as part of an apology. Example employee question: ‘Why
In business, the conformist urge leads to stagnation. Companies who do things the same way they did ten or twenty years ago are still very common in Africa. External appearance may have changed, elements of technical innovation may have been added to the mix. But the way we treat human capital remains fundamentally unchanged. Now you might expect to find this deeply rooted in middle management, and you’d be right. Managers are there to keep