As Africa’s market economies grow, the main reason for having employees is changing. From simply being there to ‘do the work’ to contributing something much more valuable. My Chairman ( is fond of telling pupils on his London Business School global leadership programmes, “Brands are promised by advertising by delivered by people.” He means your employees -whether you run a hair salon or an insurance business. The people you pay to deliver your promises to
So, as we enter the last month of an extraordinary year it may be time to reflect on the wild predictions that have been made about the world of work. Some were apocalyptic, some were laughable and one or two are reasonably likely to come true. Regular readers will know that, in my opinion, the world of work will not be revolutionised. Not in the way that, for example, e-commerce has been catapulted to stardom.
Today’s report of a viable vaccine for COVID-19, developed by Oxford University’s Jenner Institute in the UK, highlights the true value of teamwork. The original team of scientists responsible for the breakthrough work in a small academic lab with the technology to develop a vaccine. But that on its own was not enough. They needed to change scientists’ attitude toward collaboration. They needed the expertise and capacity to run large scale clinical tests and to