As we move to the end of the first quarter of 2021 (yes, already) the changes stimulated by a year of restrictions are already becoming permanent features of the modern African workplace. I wonder if you’re seeing them yet in your own businesses – or feeling them as a customer? If they’re positive, they need to be encouraged. And all of them involve human behaviour change, because technology alone doesn’t change much. The first is
It’s still unusual for successful business leaders to admit failure and reflect upon the learnings. Even rarer for them to share with peers and subordinates. Unfortunately, that holds back the next generation of Africa business leaders because they don’t learn much from tales of unbridled success. So when you come across leaders who reflect on failure as well as success, you prize the time you spend with them. Recently a very prominent local CEO addressed
At around this time of year I like to encourage my clients to take a look at their brands and ask themselves a few questions. These days I’m obviously more interested in their enterprise than their product brands, because my business is to build employee behaviours that deliver the brand promise. But sometimes a company has a product or service brand that accounts for most of its revenue, or has the most impact on its