Recently I reconnected with an old friend who runs a factory. Throughout the pandemic, he went to work in Nairobi’s  Industrial Area every day. His partners, cautiously staying at home, were surprised. His managers, many of whom chose to work remotely, were unsettled. His staff, who had no option but to come to a workplace that had been fully converted to COVID compliance, were quietly pleased. During the long period of uncertainty that followed (and
Twenty years ago a smart man called Malcolm Gladwell wrote a fascinating book. ‘The Tipping Point’ explains how ideas, trends and behaviours cross a threshold and then spread like wildfire. In the process of transforming organisational culture, we encounter a similar tipping point. It’s the moment the flow of ideas, actions and obligations in an organisation becomes reversed. From years of top down, highly directive management effort to get things done, to a bubbling up
According to a recent report from the Project Management Institute 14% of ICT projects fail. However, that number only represents the total failures. Of the projects that didn’t fail outright, 31% didn’t meet their goals, 43% exceeded their initial budgets, and 49%were late. Does that sound familiar? The PMI suggests six parameters to be met if an ICT project is to be successful: It’s delivered on time.Its cost doesn’t exceed its budget.It works as designed.People