Communication is critical to organisational success, but is the single biggest weakness we find inside African companies.

Email is the predominant channel and, while it’s great for information, it’s probably the least persuasive medium to use for employee engagement. Mission, Vision and Values posters are ignored from the day they go up on noticeboards. Town Hall meetings are full of disengaged colleagues. Traditional top-down communication is becoming unproductive.

At The Brand Inside we overturn internal communications paradigms. Using the most modern channels and creating the most engaging content. Borrowing best practices from the world of advertising and social media to create targeted communication for your staff.

Many employees in African organisations work in the field and don’t have regular access to desktop computers. But most have smartphones and are adept at social networking. So, we use specialist apps and platforms to get management and staff back onto the same page.


We design interactive onboarding programmes to deliver the content new employees need to know within 30 days of joining. We mix live training and behaviour change events with on-screen reminder content. We build conversations and communities across enterprises with fun-to-use employee engagement apps. Our approach to skills transfer is based on do-and-learn programmes that staff can use in their daily work.

The Brand Inside inspires your employees to value customers and colleagues. We clarify and dramatise your intentions and goals. We persuade staff to follow the winning path.