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The Brand Inside is a commercial Culture Change Consultancy based in Kenya and active across Sub-Saharan Africa. We’re part of a global business, headquartered in London and active on three continents.

At The Brand Inside, we believe that an organisation’s culture is the strongest component of its Brand. And the way staff that behave in their interactions with customers, suppliers, partners and each other is the most visible demonstration of Business Purpose that a modern company can have.


So, we engage in the human dimension of Change Management by enhancing positive behaviours, improving collaboration and addressing challenges in internal communications. Along the way, we coach your leaders and we develop your managers. We help your teams to understand each other and we empower them to perform to the best of their ability.




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The Brand Inside is the leading practitioner of Alignment in Africa. We like to think of this as “getting your ducks in a row” as we work with our clients to improve the experiences their staff deliver to customers.

To do this effectively, we begin by clarifying your organisation’s Business Purpose and assembling a strong internal consensus behind it.

Then we examine your organisational Brand Promise. What are you promising the market? Is it relevant and differentiating; and persuasive enough to motivate your prospects, your customers and your own staff?

We align your culture

2. We Transform your talent

At The Brand Inside we coach your organisation to increase its Emotional Intelligence.  This releases the power of your talent base to collaborate effectively and serve customers intelligently. Making the changes that once seemed impossible, very possible.

Transforming your Talent

Leading the Self

Good leaders and managers energise their organisations and inspire their staff  but exceptional leaders start by leading themselves.  Understanding your own personality, your strengths and weaknesses and the tendencies you default to under stress allows you to surround yourself with teams that compliment you.

Leading others

Even if leadership comes naturally to you, you’ll still benefit from understanding how to get the most out of your team.  Leading others is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We help to address unproductive behaviours and coach new, better ways to do things at work.

Leading the organisation

Your people are your most important asset. They look to your for inspiration: you look to them for alignment.  We ensure your staff understand how to contribute to the Business Purpose in their daily work. Creating the results you want them to achieve.

3. We Inspire your staff

Communication is critical to organisational success, but is the single biggest weakness we find inside African companies.

Email is the predominant channel and, while it’s great for information, it’s probably the least persuasive medium to use for employee engagement. Mission, Vision and Values posters are ignored from the day they go up on noticeboards. Town Hall meetings are full of disengaged colleagues. Traditional top-down communication is becoming unproductive.

At The Brand Inside we overturn internal communications paradigms. Using the most modern channels and creating the most engaging content. Borrowing best practices from the world of advertising and social media to create targeted communication for your staff.

Inspiring the Staff

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